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Terms and conditions for use of the website www.kerakoll.com

The website www.kerakoll.com (hereafter indicated as the “Website”)  is the property of Kerakoll S.p.A. (hereafter indicated as “Kerakoll”) and is an on‑line information service provided by Kerakoll.

These Terms and Conditions set out the terms and conditions under which you can use our Website and the products/services we offer.

Its use is subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions set out below. If you do not intend to accept these conditions, you are invited not to use the Website.

Copyright and trade marks

The entire contents of the Website, including text, information, documents, trade marks, logos, images, graphics, their layout and adaptation are protected by legislation on author’s rights and on the protection of trade marks, and are covered by copyright.

All the contents of the Website listed above and all related intellectual property rights are to be considered the exclusive property of Kerakoll.

The Website may also contain images, documents, logos and trade marks owned by third parties who have expressly authorised Kerakoll to publish them on the website www.kerakoll.com. This third party material is also protected by legislation on author’s rights and on the protection of trade marks, and is covered by copyright.

Except as explicitly stated in this document, nothing in these Terms will be considered as a license of the Intellectual Property Rights referred to above; the user agrees not to sell, license, rent, modify, distribute, copy, reproduce, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, publish, adapt, modify or create derivative works.

Particularly, downloading of material from the Website is only allowed if expressly authorised by a specific indication to that effect on the web pages; this authorisation is exclusively for personal and not commercial use of the material downloaded, and any other use is still prohibited.

Nothing contained in the Website shall be interpreted as an express or tacit license for third parties to make use of the Kerakoll trade marks, texts, images, graphics, sounds and any other element covered by the property rights described in the preceding paragraphs.

Limited responsibility

Information on the Website

Although it is understood that Kerakoll will do its very best to check the reliability and accuracy of the information on the Website and keep it up‑to‑date, Kerakoll cannot in any way guarantee that this information is complete or up‑to‑date and declines all responsibility for any errors, omissions, incompleteness or inaccuracy. Equally, Kerakoll shall not be held responsible for any damage, either direct or indirect, that may result from use of the information contained on this website. For any further information, the user is kindly requested to contact Kerakoll S.p.A. directly at: info@kerakoll.com.

Operation of the Website

Kerakoll shall also not be deemed responsible for any damage deriving from possible interruptions, suspensions, delays or malfunctions in connection to the Website dependent on the power supply or the telephone service or poor operation of the Internet network, or on download of materials present on the Website when this is allowed, including damage to information technology equipment caused by viruses.

Presence of links

Kerakoll has no responsibility regarding the contents of any other website that may be reached from the Website or through which it may be possible to access the Website. Kerakoll wishes to make known that it has no control over the content on those websites and as a mere third party has no responsibility for the content and material, including advertising, published on those websites or for the products or services offered. These products or services are not to be considered in any way sponsored, shared or supported by Kerakoll.

Use for legal purposes

The user agrees to use the Website and its services solely for legal purposes and, in any case, without harming the rights of any third party and paying particular attention to data protection regulations, the laws on intellectual and industrial property, on protection of personal data, on current information technology crime regulations and on regulations relating to telecommunications.

Suspension or interruption of access to the Website

Kerakoll reserves the right to permanently or temporarily interrupt or suspend access to the Website for any reason, including if, in its sole decision, such access violates any provision of these Terms or any applicable law or regulation.

Registered users

A user who intends to register for special areas, sections or services present on the website, agrees to provide only complete, current and truthful information in relation to himself. The user likewise agrees to notify Kerakoll in a timely manner of any changes in the data relating to their registration. Kerakoll reserves the right to verify the data entered, and shall be entitled to refuse the user access to the website and/or to any of its resources, services or content.

If a log‑in is required to access this website or any part thereof, the user agrees to use the log‑off option at the end of the session to close that session. Kerakoll reserves the right to log‑off any users whose account, after log‑in, has remained in stand‑by for a significant period of time, to be set at the sole discretion of Kerakoll.

The user is responsible for keeping his password, account number and any other data secret, and for any activities carried out using his account. Any unauthorised use of the user account or other security violations must be notified immediately.

Communications and information sent by the user through the Website

The user takes on all responsibility for the contents of messages sent,  acknowledging sole liability for them and stating and guaranteeing that the contents have been legitimately acquired, relieving Kerakoll ‑ together with the companies and/or individuals connected thereto or controlled thereby, and the management and employees thereof ‑ of any consequent request for damages or claims, holding Kerakoll harmless from any possible charges deriving from claims or actions by third parties against Kerakoll, the companies and individuals mentioned above for damages deriving in any way from the behaviour of the user or persons authorised by the user to access the Kerakoll website.

Any information and material provided by any user through the Website will not be considered confidential or reserved. Kerakoll therefore reserves the right to make free use of said information and material in the manner it considers appropriate. Anyone sending material and/or information guarantees that the latter is suitable for publication and holds Kerakoll free from all liability in the event of any third party action relating to said material and information.

Privacy and Cookies

As regards the safeguarding of personal data and the presence of cookies, reference is made to the specific sections of the website.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions and all claims and disputes relating to them and to the content of this Website are governed by, interpreted and asserted in all respects exclusively in accordance with Italian law.