Steel Helibar® 6

Steel Helibar® 6

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AISI 304 stainless steel helical bar, with a 6 mm diameter, with high mechanical performance stainless steel helical bar for reinforced grouting of joints using the Helifix® patented installation system.

Thanks to its particular geometry and manufacturing process, Steel Helibar® 6 guarantees high levels of mechanical and chemical adhesion to the grouting mortar used. The bar can be used for shear and flexural reinforcement of wall coverings in hollow clay blocks, raw earth, tuff, architraves and in the break‑fill consolidation process to increase the adhesion of disconnected or cracked portions of wall. This makes it ideal for surface consolidation of visible wall coatings, without in any way altering their appearance.

  • EN 845‑1, 2008 CE mark
  • Excellent durability guaranteed by AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Very fast and easy installation
  • Specifically intended for structural strengthening using GeoCalce® F Antisismico
  • Ideal for exposed wall surfaces
Pack 7 m reels (ø 6 mm)
Shelf life unlimited


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