GeoSteel G2000

GeoSteel G2000

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Hardwire™ unidirectional, extra‑high strength galvanized steel fibre sheets, made of steel micro‑cords, fixed to a fibreglass micromesh. GeoSteel G2000 is specific for use in structural strengthening in combination with GeoLite® Gel organic matrix.

Thanks to its characteristics GeoSteel G2000 is easy to shape and has excellent  installation and durability properties. GeoSteel sheets guarantee superior properties than traditional carbon‑glass‑aramide fibre textiles, and are particularly effective in various structural strengthening and anti‑seismic improvement or compliance operations, as well as in the creation of  connection systems.

  • Net weight of the fiber ≈ 2000 g/m2
  • Specifically intended for structural strengthening using GeoLite® Gel
  • Ideal for strengthening of reinforced concrete and prestressed reinforced concrete elements with epoxy matrix
Pack 30 m rolls (h 30 cm)
Shelf life unlimited


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