Steel DryFix® 10 Connector

Steel DryFix® 10 Connector

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AISI 304 stainless steel “T” connector between the Steel Helibar® 6 stainless steel helical bar, installed inside the exposed wall surface joints, and the Steel DryFix® 10 stainless steel helical bars, installed to create the dry joining of masonry.

The Steel Dryfix® 10 connector is used to create an effective mechanical connection between the Steel DryFix® 10 helical bars and the Steel Helibar® 6 helical bar, maintaining the aesthetics of the exposed masonry and a connection between the various wall facings.

  • Easily screwed onto the heads of the Steel DryFix® 10 bars
  • Creation of T connections between Steel DryFix® 10 bars and Steel Helibar® 6 bars
  • Ideal for exposed wall surfaces
Pack pc.
Shelf life unlimited


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