Rinforzo ARV 100

Rinforzo ARV 100

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Bi‑axial mesh made of alkali‑resistant glass and aramid fibre, specific for strengthening, the improvement and the anti‑seismic adaptation for low thickness in reinforced concrete buildings, with brick infill, and masonry structures.

Rinforzo ARV 100 is a mixed fibre mesh. When used in combination with Kerabuild Eco Fix or with GeoCalce® F Antisismico, it allows to create a low thickness structural strengthening conveniently connected to the structure by means of connectors obtained from the GeoSteel sheet or the Steel DryFix® stainless steel helical bars.

  • Net weight of the mesh ≈ 250 g/m2
  • Double modulus of elasticity
  • High durability in an alkaline environment
  • Ideal as an anti‑collapse and widespread strengthening mesh for load‑bearing walls
Pack 25 m rolls (h 1 m)
Shelf life unlimited


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