Pneumatic Bender for GeoSteel

Pneumatic Bender for GeoSteel

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Pneumatic bender to shape the GeoSteel G600 ‑ G1200 ‑ 2000 ‑ 3300 extra‑high strength galvanized steel fiber sheets.

The bender, which complies with the requirements of Machine Directive, Italian Legislative Decree No. 17/10 (2006/42 16), can be used to shape the sheet so as to create GeoSteel Hardwire™ sheets wrappings for beams and pillars, creating curve radiuses of from 20 mm to 50 mm, or as indicated in the executive plan, without altering or damaging the mechanical properties of the sheet. Thanks to the pressure exerted by the pistons it can be used to bend quickly and precisely; ideal for large work sites or operations carried out on a large scale.

  • Ideal for medium‑large scale operations
  • Requires electricity or compressed air line
  • Can be used by a single operator
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