Biocalce® Silicato Puro Pittura

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Biocalce® Silicato Puro Pittura

Biocalce Silicato Puro Pittura - immagine pack
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Certified, eco‑friendly, natural wall paint based on pure stabilized potassium silicate, with natural coloured earths and minerals, ideal for use in GreenBuilding and Historical Restoration.

Biocalce® Silicato Puro Pittura is a natural, breathable coloured paint for the decoration of conventional render coats, for restoration and more generally, for use on all mineral substrates based on hydraulic binders. Naturally protected with pine oil according to DIN 18363.

  • Based on pure potassium silicate
  • Bacteriostatic and fungistatic product
Pack 4 / 14 ℓ bucket
Coverage ≈ 0.15 – 0.25 ℓ/m2 for two coats
Shelf life ≈ 6 months

Colours: see colour chart.
Colours that can be reproduced: type S (Silicate‑based mineral finishes).