Biocalce® Silicato Consolidante

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Biocalce® Silicato Consolidante

Biocalce Silicato Consolidante - immagine pack
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Natural, eco‑friendly, breathable, stabilizing cortical consolidant based on pure stabilized potassium silicate, solvent‑free, ideal for use in GreenBuilding and Historical Restoration.

Biocalce® Silicato Consolidante is specifically intended for consolidating and evening out absorption of mineral substrates before applying decorative silicate cycles; also suitable for consolidating plasters and renders that are anchored to the underlying masonry, not covered with synthetic finishings. Naturally protected with pine oil in accordance with DIN 18363.

  • Deep penetration and high consolidating capacity
  • Evens substrate absorption
Pack 5 / 10 ℓ can
Coverage ≈ 0.2 ℓ/m2 for each coat
Shelf life ≈ 6 months