Biocalce® Muratura

Rating 5 - EN

Biocalce® Muratura

Biocalce Muratura - immagine pack
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Certified, eco‑friendly, natural mortar containing pure NHL 3.5, EN 459‑1 compliant lime to create extremely breathable rough coats and for the fragment‑filling of masonry, ideal for use in GreenBuilding and Historical Restoration.

Biocalce® Muratura is an M5 class mortar specifically intended for the breathable building, recovery, and fragment‑filling of load‑bearing masonry structures and clay, brick, tuff, stone, and mixed‑material infill masonry. Internal, external.

  • Malleable mixture for fast, easy spreading
  • Guarantees the durability of a mineral rock
Pack 25 kg bag
Coverage ≈ 1.7 kg/dm3
Shelf life ≈ 12 months


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