GeoLite® MicroSilicato

GeoLite® MicroSilicato

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Certified, eco‑friendly mineral geo‑paint with a geo‑active, silicate micro particle base, to regenerate and protect concrete surfaces by crystallisation, ideal for use in GreenBuilding.

GeoLite® MicroSilicato is an opaque, “mottled” effect filling geo‑paint for the monolithic protection of new or restored concrete. It is anti‑carbonation, resistant to atmospheric agents, algae and mould and can be applied by roller or brush to reinforced concrete structures such as beams, pillars, front sections, facades, decorative elements, cornices and civil engineering structures such as bridges, viaducts and tunnels.

  • Can be applied after 4 hours on concrete that has been restored with GeoLite® 10 or GeoLite® 40 geo‑mortar
Rating 3
Pack 14 ℓ – 4 ℓ bucket
Coverage ≈ 0.35 ℓ/m2 for two coats
Shelf life ≈ 12 months

Colours: see colour chart.
Colours that can be reproduced: type S (Silicate‑based mineral finishes).