Factory Color PU/S

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Factory Color PU/S

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Coloured or neutral high‑performance eco‑friendly liquid organic finish for resin floors, ideal for use in GreenBuilding. Two‑component, safeguards the health of the environment.

Factory Color PU/S is a specific finishing product for the creation of continuous film coatings and the finishing of resin‑based multi‑layer and self‑levelling systems, resistant to oil and liquids used for food purposes. In its neutral version, it is specific for the impregnation of smoothed concrete floors and as a protective finish.

  • Internal, external
  • Floors and walls
  • Suitable for environments used for food processing
Pack Part A 7.5 kg bucket ‑ Part B 4.5 kg can
Coverage approx. 100‑120 g/m2 per coat
Shelf life ≈ 24 months