Bioscud BT Fix

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Bioscud BT Fix

Bioscud BT Fix - immagine pack
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Elasto‑plastic, thixotropic, solvent‑based bituminous adhesive sealant for bonding and waterproof sealing on concrete, glass, metal, timber, porcelain tiles, PVC, ideal for use in GreenBuilding.

Bioscud BT FIX is specific for cold bonding and the repair of lesions on pre‑shaped bituminous layers without using the flame. Suitable for bonding solvent‑resistant insulating panels and in combination with non‑absorbent materials.

  • Specific for the repair of damaged or not anchored bituminous layers without using the flame
  • Specific for the localized repair of damaged or hollow pre‑shaped bituminous layers
Pack cartridge 300 ml
Coverage as adhesive ≈ 1 m2 per cartridge
as sealant ≈ 10 m2 per cartridge (5x5 mm joint)
Shelf life ≈ 12 months