Decorative sealants

Specific solutions for every need.

Kerakoll’s range of decorative sealants meet the need for elastic sealing and the necessity to create expansion and perimeter joints perfectly matching the colours of the surfaces and materials used. In aesthetic continuity with grouts and surfaces, they guarantee excellent elasticity, watertightness, adhesion and UV resistance, which are fundamental for protecting structures and coatings in all conditions.

Each product in the range has been developed to offer technical characteristics compatible with the most common building materials, excellent workability and high colour stability.

Silicone Color

Decorative sealant available in 50 contemporary colours for ceramic tiles, mosaics and swimming pools.

Silicone Color develops a high degree of adhesion to non-absorbent surfaces, guaranteeing the integrity and watertightness of ceramic and porcelain coverings subject to deformation.

Neutro Color

Decorative sealant available in 12 contemporary colours for marble and natural stones.

Neutro Color develops neutral cross-link with no unstable, migrant components. It guarantees a perfect sealing with no streaking or stains on delicate marble and natural stone surfaces.

Silmat Color

Ultra-matt, elastic decorative sealant available in 12 contemporary colours.

Silmat Color develops a high degree of adhesion on porous and non-porous substrates, in all conditions, ensuring integrity and hydraulic tightness of coverings being subject to deformation.