GeoSteel Injector&Connector

GeoSteel Injector&Connector

Iniettore&Connettore GeoSteel - immagine pack
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Polypropylene and fibreglass injector, specific thread connector systems, made directly from the extra‑strong GeoSteel Hardwire™ galvanised steel fibre sheets range. Ideal to create fibre thread connecting systems for GeoSteel mesh band and mesh sheet strengthening elements.

Easy to install, GeoSteel Injector&Connector facilitates the fastening of the steel fibre thread and allows for the possible later injection of hyperfluid mortar or epoxy resin for grouting. Thanks to its chemical composition, polypropylene has a high resistance to impact and to abrasion, excellent thermal resistance and high levels of durability.

  • High mechanical strength and versatility when combined with GeoSteel sheets
  • Ideal to create connections with thread connectors made from GeoSteel sheets
  • Excellent durability
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Shelf life unlimited


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