Cementoresina® 4

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Cementoresina® 4

Cementoresina 4 - immagine pack
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High performance, water‑based protective layer for continuous Cementoresina® floors and coatings, with natural bacteriostatic action, ideal for use in GreenBuilding.

Protective finish with high resistance to wear and to abrasion, defines the final protective coat for continuous 3‑layer Cementoresina®, Cementoresina® Step, Cementoresina® Wall floors and coverings, for commercial and domestic applications. For internal use, floors, stairs, walls and coating of basin tops or baths.

  • Easily applied with Roller Plus
  • Defines final protection for continuous 3‑layer surfaces
  • Water‑based
Pack Part A 2.5 ℓ can / Part B 0.5 ℓ bottle
Coverage ≈ 60 ml/m2 per coat (two coats)
Shelf life ≈ 12 months