Cementoresina® 3 Gel

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Cementoresina® 3 Gel

Cementoresina 3 Gel - immagine pack
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Polymer matrix EasyClean System sealing layer for continuous Cementoresina® floors and coatings, ideal for use in GreenBuilding.

Transparent gel finishing layer made from a mix of ultra‑pure resins, with high mechanical strength and flexibility. Guarantees total cleaning of the surfaces and prevents bacterial proliferation. Defines the first protective sealing layer of Cementoresina®, Cementoresina® Step and Cementoresina® Wall continuous 3‑layer floors and coverings and creates an ideal surface to receive the Cementoresina® 4 protective layer. For internal use, in domestic and commercial environments. For floors, stairs, walls and coating of washbasin counters or baths.

  • Easily workable with Trowel 3
  • Defines protection for continuous 3‑layer surfaces
  • EasyClean System
Pack Part A 0.4 kg bucket / Part B 0.2 kg bucket
Coverage ≈ 90 g/m2
Shelf life ≈ 12 months