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Certified, eco‑friendly mineral geo‑mortar with a crystalline reaction geo‑binder base, for passivation, restoration, finishing and monolithic protection of deteriorated concrete structures, ideal for use in GreenBuilding.

GeoLite® is a thixotropic geo‑mortar used to passivate, restore, finish and protect reinforced concrete structures such as beams, pillars, slabs, front sections, ramps, facades, decorative elements, cornices and civil engineering structures such as bridges, viaducts, tunnels and water channels. Suitable as an inorganic mineral matrix in composite reinforcement systems in the GeoSteel line.

  • For monolithic repairs
  • Guarantees the durability of a mineral rock
Pack 25 kg bag
Coverage ≈ 17 kg/m2 per cm of thickness
Shelf life ≈ 12 months


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