Fugalite® Invisibile

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Fugalite® Invisibile

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Certified, photochromatic vitreous, high‑sliding, easy‑to‑clean grout and adhesive, bacteriostatic and fungistatic, water and stain proof, for joints of between 0 and 3 mm, to guarantee the appearance, functionality and hygiene of glass mosaic and ceramic surfaces, ideal for use in GreenBuilding.
Fugalite® Invisibile is ultra‑fine recycled micro glass beads, with a high refractive power, ideal for bonding and grouting glass mosaic, wood‑effect tiles, and stone tile effect coverings without compromising the aesthetic, functional and hygenic continuity. Fugalite® Invisibile is the solution to keep intact the beauty of artistic glass mosaics and blends.
  • Ideal to bond and grout glass mosaic
  • Impermeable to water, stains and dirt
Pack monopack Part A 2.82 kg / Part B 0.18 kg
Coverage as an adhesive ≈ 2 – 4 kg/m2
as grout see technical data sheet
Shelf life ≈ 24 months


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