Fugabella® Eco PU 40

Fugabella® Eco PU 40

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Eco‑friendly, polyurethane, thixotropic organic sealant with a high level of resistance to abrasion for expansion‑deformation joints, ideal for use in GreenBuilding.

Fugabella® Eco PU 40 develops high surface hardness, guaranteeing the watertightness of seals under the most extreme levels of thermal and mechanical stress in industrial and commercial flooring subject to heavy traffic. High elastic modulus.

  • Walls and floors, for internal and external use, suitable for painting
  • Suitable for porcelain and ceramic tiles
Pack 310 ml cartridge
Coverage ≈ 3 m (joint 10x10 mm) with 1 cartridge
Shelf life ≈ 12 months


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