Visual continuity in a diffused environment

Joints – floor Fugabella Color KK 68

Grout – swimming pool Fugalite Color KK 68

Sealant – perimeter joints and joints for swimming pools Silicone Color KK 68

Internal walls Wallcrete Living KK 66

External walls Outdoor Paint KK 66, Outdoor Plaster KK 66

The natural tones of the joints emphasise the material textures; they contribute to the aesthetic uniformity of the surfaces and the colour balance between the different grouts and sealants used. Waterproofing and highly resistant, Fugabella Color is the ideal solution for ensuring evenness and long-term colour stability, even outdoors.

Thanks to its waterproof characteristics, Fugalite Color is suitable for grouting surfaces subject to prolonged contact with water, such as tanks and swimming pools.