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Fugabella Technology Technical Guide

Fugabella Eco New Collection

Eco-friendly mineral grouts for GreenBuilding construction. Ecologically compatible, low environmental impact decoration of all kinds of materials is the highest profile project that Kerakoll has embraced in the floor and wall coverings sector.. For this reason, our engineers are constantly studying solutions of lower environmental impact but which are as functional as they are aesthetically appealing, all of which are essential features of any Kerakoll product. Covering a surface brings with it the conveying of something, the expression of a trend, a fashion or a lifestyle. Decorating these surfaces with an infinite mix of colour combinations and textures means setting a style in all its nuances, playing with shapes, emphasizing contrasts or ensuring continuity. The aesthetical, environmental and technical properties of surfaces change as needs change, which is why Kerakoll is committed to researching more advanced and more performing materials.

The technical Guide explains in a detailed manner all Fugabella® Technology secrets, which helps to develop the aesthetical and technical properties and long lasting performances of Kerakoll’s Fugabella grout finishes. - High mechanical resistance - Water-repellence - Low absorption - Maximum colour fastness - Naturally antibacterial